When you have a tough clog and want it removed quickly and without a mess, then you want Honest Guy Plumbing Costa Mesa working for you. Our plumbers are highly trained in clog rooting and are prepared to deal with all types of clogs, including sewer clogs and drain clogs. Our expert approach to clog removal saves you time and money!

Our Promise
We have decades of experience with repipe plumbing services in Costa Mesa and one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. We are able to deliver satisfaction by working closely with each customer and presenting solutions which fit their individual needs.

When you choose us for clog rooter services in Costa Mesa, we promise:

• Licensed, certified, and insured plumbers
• Comprehensive solutions including drain cleaning
• Accurate diagnosis with video inspection
• Pipes are never damaged
• We keep your home tidy and never leave a mess
• Affordable, fair prices and no hidden fees ever!

Why Do Clogs Form?
Most commonly, clogs form because too much debris made it down the drain. These clogs get stuck in narrow drain pipes and block water from going through. Luckily, these types of clogs can usually be removed with a plunger or with professional equipment like a drain auger (plumbers snake). Clogs are more likely in older pipes which have become corroded. The corrosion builds up in the pipes, causing them to narrow, so debris gets stuck. The corrosion itself can adhere to debris as well. For these reasons, drain cleaning services (water jetting) may be recommended along with clog removal to rid your pipes of buildup.

Some clogs are completely beyond your control. One common example is tree root clogs in sewer pipes. Many homeowners don’t realize that their landscaping is getting into their pipes until the small roots have already invaded and grown into a huge clog. These clogs can also be removed, but require a professional clog rooter.

Professional Methods of Removing Clogs
For small clogs in toilets or kitchen or bath drains, we recommend that you first try to remove them with a plunger. Do not use liquid drain cleaner as your first line of defense against clogs. The toxic chemicals can damage your pipes and are largely ineffective against hard clogs. Liquid drain cleaner won’t work at all in cases where the clog has blocked the entire drain! If plunging doesn’t do the trick, then a plumbers snake can be used to tear a hole through the clog and allow water to flow again.

For hard clogs and sewer main clogs, a clog rooter is needed. A clog rooter works in the same way as a plumbers snake, but supercharged. The rooter has sharp teeth and is motorized. As the rooter is snaked into the clogged drain or sewer, the teeth shred the clog into small pieces and push them out. A clog rooter should only be operated by a specialist because the blades could damage your pipes when used incorrectly.

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Each clog job is different and costs can vary significantly depending on what method is used to remove the clog and where the clog is located. To help you budget for clog services, we offer free no-obligation quotes. All quotes are given in writing so you have peace of mind knowing how much clog removal will cost before you schedule services.

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