Though you can’t see most of them, your drain pipes are one of the hardest-working parts of your home. Every day, they channel dirty water and waste out of your home and into the city’s sewer system. Your drain vents regulate air pressure so water can flow properly. When your drains or vents become clogged, your entire life can come to a standstill until the problem is solved and you can use your fixtures again.

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Drain Pipe Cleaning Services
There are two types of problems which occur with drain pipes.
• Clogs
• Buildup

With drain clogs, the solution is usually to use a type of auger, such as a plumbers snake or rooter, to break up the clog so waste water can flow again. These drain problems are fixed quickly and easily.

With older drains, the problem is often due to buildup. As the pipe ages, it becomes coated with grime and scale which can narrow the size of the pipes. Drain pipes can also become corroded, which also builds up inside the pipes. Water flow is restricted throughout the entire system. When this happens, the pipes will need to be scrubbed clean with hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting, also called water jetting or pipe scrubbing, uses pressurized water jets on a hose-like device. As the hose is snaked into drains, the blasts of water scrub the sides of the pipes clean. The method of drain cleaning is highly effective and can get your pipes as clean as they were on installation day.

Drain Vent Cleaning Services
In addition to drainage pipes which channel away waste, your drainage system also consists of vents. The vents are important for regulating air pressure so water can flow. It is a lot like when you to pour soda out of a can: the soda will not flow evenly. But, if you make a hole on the other side of the can, the soda will flow evenly. This is how drain vents work.

Drain vents can become clogged by leaves, trash, dead birds or rodents, or a baseball that your neighbor threw on top of your home. When the drain vent is completely blocked, then no water will be able to move out of the drains. If the drain vent is partially clogged, then you will have symptoms such as:
• Gurgling sounds from drains
• Slow flushing
• Bad smells

Plumbing vent cleaning is dangerous work that requires roof access and professional tools like drain snakes. It should only be performed by a licensed professional.

Drain Repair Services
In many cases, drain problems are caused due to corrosion and aged pipes. Cleaning the drains with hydro jetting can remove some of the corrosion and help the pipes last longer. However, old drains often have more problems than just buildup. They may be badly cracked or damaged. If not repaired, the drains could start to leak dirty water in your home – which could cause extensive damage and health risks.

After performing hydro jetting services, our plumbers inspect your clean drains with video equipment. They will be able to notice any cracks or worn areas. Then steps can be taken to remedy these issues before they turn into bigger problems. Depending on the condition of the drain pipes, different repair methods can be used such as pipe lining, pipe replacement, or spot-fixes. Our methods of drain repair are proven and we offer a guarantee on work and parts.

How to Prevent Drain Problems
Drain problems often catch you by surprise and take a big toll when they do. It is best to prevent serious drain problems before they occur. Honest Guy Plumbing Costa Mesa can help with our drain maintenance plans. As part of the plan, your drains will be regularly inspected and cleaned when necessary. Regular drain cleaning not only keeps your drains flowing and prevents clogs, but will also extend the lifespan of your drain pipes by removing corrosive residues and scale.

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