When you want your sewer repaired quickly and without hassle, then you want Honest Guy Plumbing Costa Mesa for the job. We have the most modern equipment in the industry and the knowledge to complete jobs without tearing up your yard.

Our Promise
Honest Guy Plumbing Costa Mesa has built its reputation as one of the best plumbing companies in California by offering quality services at competitive prices. By working closely with all our customers to ensure they understand the sewer repair process, we are able to deliver 100% satisfaction. When you choose us for sewer repair services in Costa Mesa, we promise:

• Licensed, certified, and insured plumbers
• Specializing in no-dig sewer repair
• Multiple solutions including CIPP and pipe bursting
• All permits obtained for you!
• Affordable, fair prices and no hidden fees ever!

Does Your Sewer Need Repair?
Most home sewer mains can last upwards of 50 to 70 years. As they reach the end of their lifespan, the pipes will start to corrode which in turn leads to weakened pipes and cracks. Because sewer pipes are buried underground, you won’t be able to detect the corrosion. It is recommended that you have your sewer periodically inspected by a licensed plumber using video camera equipment. This way, any issues with your sewer can be fixed before serious problems occur.

It isn’t just old sewer mains which need repair. In some cases, even new sewers can become seriously damaged. In California, a leading cause of sewer main damage is from earthquakes. The shifting ground can cause the sewer to become offset or make it crack open. Another common problem with sewer mains is that tree roots get into the pipe through joints and grow into a hard, solid clog.

There are three main problems which occur with sewer mains:

• Sewer Main Clogs: Sewer main clogs usually occur because of tree roots in the pipe. They can also occur when corrosion builds up inside the pipe, causing it to narrow. Signs of a sewer main clog include backups, weird reactions with your drains, and bubbling sounds from your toilet. Sewer clogs can usually be removed easily with a clog rooter.
• Cracked Sewer Main: Sewer mains can crack when they get old, when ground shifts during an earthquake, or accidents during yard work. It is now much easier to fix cracked sewer mains with a process called slip lining or CIPP.
• Bellied or Offset Sewer Main: This is a very serious problem as waste will not be able to flow out of your sewer main and will instead go into your yard or back up into your home. To repair sewer mains which are bellied or offset, a new sewer main must be installed, typically using pipe bursting.

We Specialize in No-Dig Sewer Repair
When homeowners hear that they need sewer repair services, they usually think about heavy machinery coming to dig trenches in their yards, a huge mess, and a major expense. They are happy to hear that Honest Guy Plumbing Costa Mesa can repair and replace sewer mains with little or no digging required!

There are two ways that sewer main repairs can be done without digging. The first is known as “slip lining” or “Cured In Placing Pipe lining” (CIPP) and is used in cases where sewer mains are cracked. A strong, durable liner is put within the old sewer main to reinforce it. Usually only one hole needs to be dug in order to attach and insert the lining.

In cases where the sewer main is severely damaged, offset, or bellied, then it will not be possible to use slip lining to reinforce the old pipe. The old pipe needs to be removed and a new sewer put in its place. We are able to do this with a method called pipe bursting (trenchless sewer replacement). A machine is snaked into your sewer main and uses hydraulic force to break the old pipe into pieces. A new sewer main is snaked into its place. Usually only two holes need to be dug: one at the start of the sewer and one at the end. If your sewer main bends at any point, then an access hole will need to be dug there as well.

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Each sewer repair job is different and costs can vary significantly depending on what method is used for repair, the amount of piping which needs replaced, and how easy it is to access the sewer. To help you budget for sewer repair services, we offer free no-obligation quotes. All quotes are given in writing so you have peace of mind knowing how much sewer repair will cost before you schedule services.

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